About Eco-Chem Biz

Eco-Chem Biz was founded by Sanjay Gupta. Our founder is a successful entrepreneur that has applied his knowledge to several businesses over the past 25 years. If you wish to learn more about his experience, please visit his personal website to get to know him better. The knowledge transfer provided by this website was all written by Sanjay for the benefit of Eco-Chem Biz members.

Eco-Chem Biz is the marketing agent for CitriFresh Distribution (CFD) and set up to give aspiring and existing entrepreneurs an opportunity to distribute green eco-friendly products under their own brand name.

CFD is the North American Master Distributor for a line of eco-friendly green products for mold prevention, household cleaning, and exterior cleaning. Nearly 20 years of research and development was invested in developing these products for both residential and commercial customers seeking green, environmentally friendly solutions for:

  1. mold removal & prevention;
  2. HVAC cleaning & sanitizing;
  3. residential and commercial cleaning;
  4. removing mold from laundry; and
  5. natural, effective pest control!

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