Distributor Benefits!

Distributor Benefits!

Huge Market Potential!

Consumers today, are demanding eco-friendly products that will not harm the environment.

As a Distributor, you can satisfy this demand!

The diverse range of our product line, provides you with significant opportunities to supply the needs of both Residential and Commercial customers, in the following industries:

  • Household Mold Removal & Prevention
  • Mold Remediation
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Construction
  • HVAC
  • Residential & Commercial Cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Natural Insecticide

The potential market for all these products is billions of dollars and you have the opportunity to build a business, the size and scale of which is dependent on your goals.

The key benefit of this opportunity is flexibility.

You have the freedom to choose how to market the products which is dependent on the market you wish to target.

Since these are consumables, once you build a customer base, you can count on residual sales and income. 😊

Very Low Investment!

Becoming a Distributor is just $49.95 per month, much less than cost of a cup of coffee per day.

In addition, we offer a 30 day free trial, so you can spend time learning about our products, ordering system, and online training.

You can cancel your membership anytime, no questions asked, because you have TOTAL and COMPLETE CONTROL over your membership subscription! 🙂

Distributor Cost!

Your cost is 30% below retail.

Each month we issue our members a coupon code that can be used to get 30% off their purchase.

Your profit is the difference between distributor cost and retail.


There is no need to reship case quantities of our products to your larger customers. You can simply indicate a specific ship to address, at time of order with us. We ship throughout the Continental US.

Drop shipping is really beneficial for Distributors that focus on selling to commercial clients!

Online Training!

Once you become a member, you gain access to the members area which provides you with the following:

  1. Detailed product and pricing information.
  2. Link to the online ordering store where you can place orders for yourself if you are selling individual units or you can specify a ship to address so we can drop ship case quantities for you.
  3. Business Guidance.
  4. Sales and Marketing Guidance, so that you can learn how to market these products through direct sales and also online.

Multiple Marketing Opportunities!

In addition to the opportunities to supply commercial customers, you have the option to stock your own product and sell directly to consumers in-person, at trade shows, and/or online.

GREEN Product Line!

All of our products are Environmentally Safe, made with natural ingredients, and are Biodegradable.

Will Not Harm People, Animals, Plants or Grass.

You will find that not all competitive products are.

Customers are very interested in working with products that are Safe and Non Hazardous.

Easy Ordering System!

We offer our distributors an online ordering system to order their products.

The store is set up to accept all major credit cards.

Once orders are received, you receive a copy electronically and the products are shipped out.

All shipping rates are based on weight, so you will always know the cost of shipping.

Once an order is shipped out, you receive tracking information as well.