The famous personal development guru, Tony Robbins, is often quoted as saying, Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is power, provided you act upon it. Our goal is to give you the knowledge and training that will empower you to start a successful green chemical distribution business.

One of the main goals of Eco-Chem Biz is to provide you with theoretical knowledge and action steps so that you can apply the knowledge.

Specifically, the knowledge you will gain from the members area includes the following.

Business Guidance

This section will teach you how to set up your green chemical distribution business and give you expert advice on how to ensure its success. Here’s a summary of the key sections:

  1. Power of Questions and how they can lead you to success.
  2. Your Attitude Programmer explains how the brain works and how it helps you succeed.
  3. Program Your RAS teaches you about the brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) critical to marketing success.
  4. Plan for Success explains how to ensure you have a strategic focus for your business.
  5. Tactical Tools will show you what you require to start your green chemical distribution business.
  6. Ultimate Tax Shelter explains the taxable benefits of owning a business. For instance, your investment into this program is considered a business expense!

Sales and Marketing Guidance

This section will teach you the principals of sales and marketing as they apply to your green chemical distribution business.

  1. Personality Traits explains the key traits of successful marketers.
  2. Marketing Principles will reveal the seven principles of successful marketing.
  3. Permission Marketing is the one and only topic that you need to clearly understand to ensure the success of your business. In this section we reveal how you can generate $120,000 in sales.
  4. Marketing Channels and Methods reveals the key business channels to market and how you can profit from them.
  5. Marketing Tools will reveal to you how to create your own professional brochures, business cards, etc. all with your own personal computer.
  6. Marketing Plan cuts through the hype and explains how you can create a marketing plan consisting of only seven sentences…that’s it.
  7. Branding Basics will show you how to create a brand your customers love and adore.
  8. Getting Customers explains the two key ways to maximize your sales and profits.
  9. 7 Steps to Every Sale will outline the key steps to every sale…follow these steps and sales success is guaranteed.
  10. Customer Bonding explains how you can have customers for life.
  11. E-Commerce reveals how you can start an online business and make it successful.

Action Steps

One of the keys to all of the training is the ACTION STEPS. At the end of each section you are asked to apply the knowledge you learn. Knowledge is power, provided you act on it and that is our objective.

The goal of the knowledge transfer is to help you determine how you can successfully market and sell our eco-friendly products